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That's it, you need to set up a "big change" project! In the life of a business, the management team faces several transitions. It would be so easy if we could have a simple plan and steps to follow.


Except that in the reality of an SME, there is no ready-made recipe, you have to make the changes in the moment, while having to deal with the daily operations in an environment that sometimes seems chaotic to you.

Rather than imposing a plan that you will have to redo every day, give yourself the conditions and a framework that allows you to move in the right direction.

This workshop allows participants to get an overall picture of at least one of the transitions their team will face and to begin building an action plan. It allows you to define company-specific parameters that will guide the team throughout the transition, regardless of the level of uncertainty and complexity.

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It's for you if: you are responsible for implementing changes in the next 6 to 18 months. (Ex: business transfer, departure from an incubator to the “real world”, accelerated growth, etc.) and that you will have to define an action plan to get there.

To talk about it

Participant comments

"Thank you Sophie for allowing me to take a break to reflect and take stock in order to rethink my professional activities in a creative way and with the desire to take action."

"Thank you for your generosity"

"I needed to think about my game plan for the next few months because my company is still very young. The tools that I discovered during the Base Camp workshop allowed me to see my path appear quite naturally, by becoming aware of the seasons of each of my projects and of what to do according to the season.

The card game is a great help in visualizing the season! We can't wait for it to be published!

Sophie's support is all in benevolence, openness and curiosity. A pleasure to be able to get back on the road with plenty of energy!

Thanks Sophie! '

"I really love the energy of the meeting!"

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