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Take a step back to move forward in the turbulence

Take a step back to better advance in the turbulence


The chaos of change and the turbulence of everyday life are part of the life of most businesses.

It is important to know how to take a step back from various situations to ensure that you have a comprehensive view of the issues you face.


The workshops are participatory. They help identify key elements that, like in a building block game, will allow participants to build their own ways of doing things, taking the time to connect with themselves and their surroundings.

Available Workshops 


Anticipating the chaos of change:

Offers basic principles for managing upcoming changes in your business


Drawing the path of change

Helps you define an action plan to implement the changes you plan to put in place.

*** Groups will start as soon as a sufficient group of people have registered.  Time  and the date will be defined according to the participants. If no group starts when you register, you will be put on the waiting list.

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