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Who is Sophie Legendre

Sophie Legendre

Ex-manager turned pragmatic witch.  I spent the first part of my career as a manager in Canada and internationally. It is there that I learned to transform myself and to evolve while supporting teams going through periods of uncertainty, it is also there that I began to understand that the human being is at the heart of all our achievements.


Since it is the coincidences of life that made me become an expert in transitions and complex environments, I am convinced that each event is an opportunity to become a better version of oneself, if we open our eyes to the magic that surrounds us.


Creative and popularizer at heart, I have been supporting managers and teams since 2012. With a degree in chemical engineering, I easily understand the issues related to technology. In recent years, I have completed added training related to management in complex environments (Theory U, conscious leadership, mindfulness, Cynefin).

I like to observe the environments I pass through to understand people, their dreams, their aspirations and their quest for happiness. I enjoy getting off the beaten track and working in the middle of the city, in a garden or by a river, barefoot in a river.

I use my personal experience as a manager, as well as my coaching toolbox to offer a different point of view and new perspectives. I am convinced that anyone can find innovative solutions,  unique and adapted to their reality;

I am an ACC certified coach and I am fluent in French, English and Spanish.

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