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Individual coaching

It’s for you if :

  • you are aware that change in your organization requires personal change ;

  • you have come a long way on your own and you feel stuck;

  • do not have a role model in your company and want to make changes with respect for who you are,

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How it works:

  • Kick-off: l•Coaching begins with a first meeting to define an intention that will serve as a North star, one or more goals to be reached within a reasonable objective and indicators to measure them. This meeting usually lasts 2 hours.

  • Regular follow-up : We then meet on a regular basis. As needed, meetings are usually spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart, but sometimes, in anticipation of an important event, the pace can be accelerated. Each of these meetings have roughly the same structure:

    • look back at what happened since the last meeting;

    • define a one-off objective (aligned with the general objective);

    • exploration of the situation. This exploration can take several forms: looking at the situation differently, using creativity, using classic management tools, paying attention to one's emotions, reformulating, etc.. ;

    • looping: feedback on what has been understood, next steps to experiment 

  • Wrap up: The last meeting of a process allows you to look back on the learning, on what worked well and what did not. This last meeting is mandatory, even if you choose to end the coaching before the scheduled duration.


Exploratory meeting       

If you are curious but not sure if it's for you, make an appointment for a free 45-minute exploratory meeting

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