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My approach

Let's start with some definitions:

  • A coach is someone who helps to think, to find their own answers. It is framed by a method that helps to structure the reflection

  • A mentor, is someone with experience in a field who shares its experience,  contacts and provides guidance

  • consultant or advisor is an expert in a subject he provides tips or advices. 

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I am first and foremost a coach . I am a member and I hold an ACC certification from ICF ( International Coaching Federation ) and I am governed by its code of ethics which includes, among other things, an obligation of confidentiality.


In my interactions with my clients and my workshops, I ask a lot of questions to make you step back, I name what I see and I hear without judgment. As a coach, I believe that the answer is in you and I am only the mirror that helps you find it. I also have a responsibility to create an environment where you feel comfortable sharing without fear of being judged.


So sometimes I offer you advice and share my knowledge, like an advisor by drawing from my toolbox filled with subjects that fascinate me:

  • Leadership in a VUCA (or Complex) World

  • Effective teams

  • Change management, business transformation

  • Creativity, agility, design thinking

  • Direct communication, constructive conflict

  • Mindfulness, benevolence at work


and because I have been a manager for several years, I also act as a mentor. I quickly come to understand your reality and I share ....:

  • Technology through my engineering studies;

  • Business start-up, since I have been supporting start-ups for a long time;

  • Multicultural team management;

  • International trade and business development;

  • Management in crisis situations and in complex environments.

I help you think, I offer you tools, but in the end, the last word is yours: it's up to you to decide and build.

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