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Base camp -

Base camp is a meeting between entrepreneurs to discuss and share on the current situation, understand what is preventing you from moving forward or slowing you down  and define your priorities for the next few months.  Accompanied by an expert coach in transition, you will leave with a simple action plan and practical tools to restart strongly.


You have  a current project: start a business, grow it, launch a new product and  the last year forced you to  to stop, slow down or take temporary action?


While we are gradually returning to a world that is still in definition,  we all have ants in our legs! Now is the time to start again despite the unknowns that remain.  Like an explorer who must assemble his team at base camp after the storm. Now is the time to take stock of resources, assess  morale of the troops, to properly analyze our knowledge of the terrain to be explored and to define the course to follow  to get to the top.



Base camp -

Excluding GST/HST
  • The workshop can be offered in Zoom or in person 

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