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Team coaching

It’s for you if :

  • you need to make important decisions or define a plan with everyone's input, and you need to be guided through the exercise;

  • you are experiencing common challenges that you want to resolve (communication, conflicts, culture, collaboration, etc.);

  • you already work well together, but you want to solidify, improve cohesion in anticipation of growth, major change etc.

SL coachingh groupe HR

How it works:


  • Kick-off : Coaching begins with an initial meeting with the team in order to define the needs, the roles, the way of functioning and to validate the objective and the intention. In some cases, a prior meeting could take place with the team leader to define the goal.

  • Regular meetings: thereafter, a series of meetings will take place, allowing to experiment on the objectives.

  • Wrap-up: the last meeting of a coaching process allows you to review what has been learned, what has worked well or not, and what agreements the team has made. This meeting is mandatory, even if you choose to end the coaching before the scheduled duration.

The facilitation of a single meeting, for example of a strategic retreat (or « Lac à l’épaule » as we say in Quebec) is also possible.  Another option, is to have your team participate in a workshop on a specific topic is to organize a workshop.


Exploratory meeting

If you are curious but not sure if this is for you, make an appointment for a free 45 minute exploratory meeting

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