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In a complex and uncertain world, create your own future

Leaders increasingly face a world where choices and options are increasing exponentially. When everything is moving fast, being accompanied by a coach specializing in leadership can help you take a step back to move forward in a human way while ensuring growth and innovation.

You operate in a complex environment and you want to find unique solutions created by and for you.

You want to do things differently, and you are willing to do your bit to find approaches that respect who you are.

I can help you with: 

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Evolve in a sustainable way


You understand that you have to evolve for your business to grow, and you need help to get to :


  • communicate honestly, even when the topics are difficult;

  • encourage the exchange of ideas, accepting conflicts of ideas and mistakes;

  • find the right management approach for each occasion (teamwork, delegation or decision making).

Why using my services
Sophie Legendre
Sophie Legendre



I help leaders and their teams evolve during transitions and key growth periods.

My diverse experience allows me to have balance between the pragmatic side and the creative side, between people and technology. I am convinced that in order to achieve  growth, you have to build on whatever foundation you’ve already laid.

My goal is to help you take advantage of the turbulence. Make it an opportunity to create ways of managing that make you a unique leader.

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